Renewable Energy

The ongoing development for alternative fuel sources (Green Energy) to take over from the Oil and Gas sector, grows year upon year. The benefit being that the alternative sources include Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Biomass, Nuclear and Tidal energy will produce lower CO2 Emissions and provide a cleaner energy source for the global population.

A growing jobs market

Many countries have set targets to become fully dependent upon Clean Energy resources with some already nearly achieving this such as Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and more.

Other countries such as the USA, China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Canada and Chile have set SMART goals to reach between 2020-2025 to take over up to 50% or more of their energy needs from current sources to Clean Energy.

This means a greater investment into this market with around 8 million jobs current occupied in the Renewable Energy market, this is set to grow year upon year with large GW targets set to be achieved. The increase in demand for a skilled workforce to develop and maintain these projects will be on the rise for a large number of years to come.

Extensive Experience

Energy Professionals Group’s management team have extensive experience across the Renewable Energy sector with the team able to infiltrate each leading Renewable market across the globe. The team are currently supplying professionals and working active roles in over 140+ countries worldwide throughout the Energy sectors.

EPG have a track record of supporting our clients in the furthest reaches of the globe and able to access networks of local skilled professionals with places such as Japan, Oman, Ethiopia, Brazil, Chile, Kenya, Philippines and more.

High Skilled Talent

Our ability to tap into skilled individuals ranging from lower levelled technicians up to the most senior executives across the globe, allows our presence to be seen and our expertise to be noticed.

Our candidate database is global and consistently growing with larger networks being built in hard to reach locations on a daily basis. Our team our experts in being able to successfully qualify professionals in our industry and to ensure our clients only receive the most relevant and interested profiles for their job roles.

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