Employer of Record USA

Compliance of “Employer of Record”……. What do EPG do and provide?

 Energy Professionals Group can support clients looking to transfer candidates, contractors or current employee's to an "Employer of Record" solution, the transition is quick, efficient, compliant and very easy, a member of our team would gladly speak to you about the process in detail.

  • Provide Workers Compensation
  • Payroll Processing
  • ACA compliant health insurance (including life, dental and disability insurance)

    Registration and Transition Process:

  • Current employees would fill out complete New Hire Documentation online or via paper form
  • Current employees would need to show proof of ability to work in US by completing the I9 form
  • Every week the employees would turn in time sheets that are approved by you, the end client
  • We would pay the workers weekly on Friday via direct deposit or Rapid! Pay card the week after they worked.