EPG Foundation

'Energy Professionals Group Foundation appreciate that not everyone’s life turns out the way they want it to, many by circumstances out of their control.  EPG Foundation was born to support individuals or families where a little support can go a long way, so that one day they can look back and realise they were big things.  Helping others is the way we help ourselves.' 

In May 2018 the EPG Foundation was created to improve the quality of life of vulnerable individuals and families.

We are based in Washington, Tyne & Wear and aim to assist local people in times of need.

The Foundation works with a number of local community groups, food banks and charities to identify people who may need our help.

Download the referral form here.

We are currently working with several local organisations such as Hebburn Helps and One Punch NE, we would welcome referrals from other local groups or organisations.

Here are some of the individuals and organisations we have helped;

A local midwife contacted Hebburn Helps to ask if anyone could help a young, single mother with a small child and a newborn. The midwife advised that the young single mother did not have a double buggy and was therefore unable to go out. EPG Foundation saw the appeal on Hebburn Helps’ Facebook page and donated money in order to help the young mother buy a double buggy, which then enabled her to go out with both children.

A family of five were living in an unsuitable property.  Their son has a life threatening condition. They were unable to move due to debt accrued from expenses relating to their child’s condition such as travelling to and from hospital. We enabled them to pay their debt and move to a more suitable property. One Punch North East are a charity which was formed to  raise awareness of the   devastation that one punch can do. They educate people about the risks and consequences of a split second decision to engage in violence and support victims and  their families of violence. EPG Foundation work in partnership to provide financial assistance towards their fundraising activities.

Hebburn Helps were working with a female victim of domestic abuse, she was 30 weeks pregnant and had moved into new accommodation with nothing as she had fled her previous property with nothing. EPG Foundation provided her with a washing machine and fridge freezer.