International Market

Professional Resources has placed in the USA, Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, the UAE and Germany.  We understand when it comes to an international move the risk is a lot greater than moving to a competitors office over the road.  We provide, as do our clients, full international support for visa’s, relocation and compliant repatriation, guidance on expected salaries in each country, taxation and cultural advice.


When working on international roles we only work with clients who have a track record of successfully building international offices and our clients tend to provide a bedding in process when you join, you are not expected to land in country on Sunday and start work Monday, you need to source accommodation, set up utility bills such as air-con, gas and electricity and also water,  transportation, setup banking, schooling, understand the social life options and purchase a new mobile phone!  These little, but critical issues are the difference in providing a smooth international transition.  Unfortunately we speak to candidates regularly who talk through horror stories of being dumped in a foreign location with little or zero support.